and a review……

Posted by Richard Paige, TZ father on May 25, 1998 at 11:02:13:

Review of the new addition to my collection.

The Name

I personally lobbied for “Chronograph Timezone Paige”…but the company decided that the name “Juliette” would have more international appeal. It was launched at 4:56 AM on Sunday morning…May 24th, 1998.

The Look

The new addition is definitely a feminine piece…with a full head of brown hair…in fact it’s appeal will be to wives, mothers, mother-in-laws, and dads. I’d imagine as the the decades move on that the appeal will be to “teen-age” boys…but I think that I will definitely keep it locked away in a safe place when this period comes.

The Case

The case is a good weight…7lbs, 12 ounces. Although it has a nice heft to it when
lifted…it still feels as though it made of titanium.

The Power Reserve

The new addition seems to sleep a lot, but when awakened seems to scream out for something. It seems to have a 1hour power reserve that is fed by a milk based fuel. If it’s anything like the first piece in the
collection…it will run for 18 hours on a crate of Potato chips.

The Manufacturer

This was a group collaboration by a Shanghanese/Hong Kong company and a Company originally based outside of Boston…but later moved the entire operation to California…so parts shouldn’t be problem.

The COSC Results

I used a Ventura V-matic Titanium chronograph to time the overall contractions…I figured a lightweight watch with a chronograph function was just the ticket…but, this watch proved to be utterly useless in the actual event…since the new addition was produced in less than an hour…and actually was almost delivered to me on the Golden Gate Bridge, due to a totally unexpected premature delivery schedule!!

The Overall Look

Overall the new addition to the collection is absolutely adorable…it defies the casual looker not to pick it up and kiss it. And although for a “hiccuping”
nuance…it seems that it will give years of loving experience.

Thanks to all of you here on TimeZone for celebrating this glorious event with me, and thanks to all of you for making my life so interesting.

And thanks to my wife and daughters for making the rest of my life so interesting.

The Very Best Regards, Richard Paige.