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TimeZone Watch Survey

Posted by DJC on July 20, 1998 at 11:48:46:

Hello everyone… I have just compiled the results for the Time Zone Watch Survey. I wanted to include graphs, charts, etc in my presentation, but I am having problems with that. If anyone has the means of uploading the charts on to this web-site, please let me know, so we can have a more graphical interpretation.

I had broken down the survey in to three major studies. Let’s see what the data says about us!!!

(I) TimeZoner Study (115 responses)

(A) Response By Region or Territory

  1. 85 reponses were from United States:

    21 from NE US (NY area), 10 from SE US (FL area), 10 from NC US (IL area), 15 from SC US (TX area), 4 from NW US (WA area), 24 from SW US (CA area), 1 from unknown.

  2. 30 responses were from out side of United States:

    12 from Europe, 7 from Asia, 4 from other N American Countries, 3 from S America, 3 from Australia, and 1 unknown.

I do not know if this represents the TimeZone population, however, one thing is for sure, we did get a good representation from every parts of the world.

(B) Response by Sex – of the 115 responses, only 5 were from female participants. And all five are
wives of participating TimeZoner who are in the survey already. I guess we need to promote our hobbies more to the female sector.

(II) General Watch Ownership

(A) As a whole, the TimeZoner surveyed (114) owns 1955 watches (+/-), that is more than 17 watches per person. One person did not include the count of his watch collection.

  1. 23 (20.2%) people owns 25 watches or more (1137 watches total, 58.2%)
  2. 16 (14.0%) people owns 15 – 24 watches, (286 watches total, 14.6%)
  3. 25 (21.9%) people owns 10 – 14 watches, (263 watches total, 13.5%)
  4. 30 (26.3%) people owns 5 – 9 watches, (201 watches total, 10.3%)
  5. 20 (17.5%) people owns 1 – 4 watches, (68 watches total, 3.5%)

FYI: Our top personal watch collection consists of around 200 watches.

(B) Of course, we are all individuals and have our own favorite watches. On my survey, I was not clear on to choose from one’s collection as a favorite or watch in general. As a result, we have many people with multiple responses on his favorite watch. Here is the summary…

  1. Top Brands: Rolex (24), IWC (23), Omega (14), JLC (10), Breitling (6), and PP (5). There are 29 other brands that were mentioned as well; it is too many to list.
  2. Top Models: Rolex Sport Model (11), Rolex DJ (10), IWC Flieger chronograph line (10), IWC Mark XII (7) [combine the IWC Fliger line total mention is 17], Omega Sea Master (9), JLC Master Series (7), Omega Speed Master (5). Obviously, there are also numerous other models mentioned; too many to list!

(C) Of the 1955 watches, we consider 647 watches to be LUXURY in our collection. That is 33.1% of our total watches.

(D) Of the 647 LUXURY watches, I also wanted to find out how many of us purchased Quartz watches. 72 out of 647 were Quartz, that accounts for 11.1%. The reason for my asking this question is to determine how many of us purchased the watch as
a jewelry (i.e. models like Cartier Panther) or for their brand name, such as Hublot.

(III) The original intention of this survey was to compare with the IWW survey of Luxury Watch owners. Out of my curiosity, I decided to study the people who buys mostly high end time-pieces. I defined these people to have 50% or more watches that they consider LUXURY WATCHES.

Out of the 115 people, 50 fit this profile. Here is a summary of what they own. The combined 50 [high end] collectors (43.5%) owns only 488 watches which is only 25% of our total watch surveyed; however, they own 355 LUXURY WATCHES that accounts for around 55% of the Luxury Watches. That means the high end collectors purchases >$1000 watches 75% of the time. These people also owns 37 Quartz watches, 53.6% of the Quartz surveyed.

They are discrimination in what they purchase (by Brand or by $), but they do not just buy! Averagely, they only own 9.76 watches per person! That is nearly half of TimeZone’s average.

(A) The following is a summary of these 50 Luxury Watch owners, 488 watches.

  1. 3 (6.0%) people owns 25 watches or more (108 total, 22.1%)
  2. 6 (12.0%) people owns 15 – 24 watches (100 total, 20.5%)
  3. 13 (26.0%) people owns 10 – 14 watches (142 total, 29.1%)
  4. 14 (28.0%) people owns 5 – 9 watches (92 total, 18.9%)
  5. 14 (28.0%) people owns 1 – 4 watches (46 total, 9.4%)

(B) Their favorite brands – Rolex (13), IWC (11), JLC (7), Omega (5), PP & Blancpain (3, tie).

(C) Their favorite models – JLC Master Series (6), Rolex Sports (6), Rolex DJ (5), IWC Flieger chronograph line (5) [7 including IWC Mark XII], Omega Sea Master (3).

Of course, I do not want to read too much in to the data. So judge for your self, if this survey has any meaning at all. If you would like a complete survey response, please e-mail me. I could either fax or e-mail you the total to you.

It has been fun in doing this survey; thanks to every one who participated and allow me to take up part of his and her time.