Using TimeZone’s Forums

This is an overview of TimeZone forum features and
how to use them.

A. Main Forum Features

The image below shows the top portion of a TimeZone forum as
a registered user will see it, highlighted for purposes of this explanation.


For unregistered users, the area where the numbers 2 and 3
appear above will look like this:


1 – Advanced Search. Use this to search TimeZone. You
can search by key words for the forum you are in, all forums,
all articles, or the entire site

2– Your TimeZone Favorites. Registered users can create
a list of their favorite TimeZone pages. Their favorites links
are displayed here. The list is displayed each time they log on
to TimeZone, and it may be edited at any time. As shown above
right, in this area unregistered users will see the dialog boxes
registered users to log in.

2 A – Instead of “Your TimeZone Favorites”,
unregistered users will see the dialog boxes where registered
users log in.

3 – User Utilities. This is another feature available
only to registered users. The utilities allow users to edit their
favorites list, edit their account information, change their password,
and log out. As shown above right, in this area unregistered users
will see some information about registering, and the “register”
button used to initiate the registration process.

3 A – Instead of User Utilities, unregistered users
will see a short description of the benefits of registering, and
the “register” button.

4 – “Bread crumb” navigation. The pages you
have visited are displayed here as links, allowing you to move
quickly back to any previous page by clicking on its link.

5 – Forum Links. These links vary from forum to forum.
Most forums will link to the TimeZone Guidelines and to this Forum
Help page, making each readily available. There may also be an
e-mail link for a forum moderator, though in some forums, the
moderator’s e-mail link is contained in the introductory text.
New links may be added in this area if there is special content
relating to that forum, such as an article or interview.

6 – This allows you to adjust the forum display so the
either the oldest or the newest post on the page appears at the
top of the page. To make a selection, chose either oldest or newest,
then click the “change” button (see number 8).

7 – This allows you to change the message display between
“threaded” and “topics only”. “Threaded”
means all posts in the forum are displayed. “Topics only”
means only top level posts, or the posts that start new discussion
threads, are displayed. Select the view that you desire, then
click the “change” button (see number 8)

8– “Change” button – clicking this button
implements one or both of your choices for the message display:
oldest or newest on top (number 6) and threaded or topics only
(number 7).

9 – This allows you to select which page of messages
you wish to view. After entering your selection, click the “View”
button (number 10). This feature is also displayed at the bottom
of the forum (See number 22). You may also adjust the number of
posts displayed per page – see numbers 28 and 29 below.

10 – “View” button – this implements your
choice of which page you would like to view. A second “view”
button appears at the bottom of the forum – see number 23.

11 – “Previous” – this button allows you to
view the post just prior to the one currently being viewed. A
second “Previous” button appears at the bottom of the
forum – see number 24 below.

12 – “Next” – this button allows you to view
the post that follows the one you are currently viewing. A second
“Next” button appears at the bottom of the forum – see
number 25 below.

13 – Compose Message – click this to post a new message.
A second “compose message” button appears at the bottom
of the forum – see number 27 below.

14 – Legend – this explains the icons that appear in
front of posts. The icons identify posts as new since your last
visit, old (appeared on the board when you last visited), or a
post you made.


The next image is a section of the message display. The numbered
features are explained below.


15 – Camera icon – this indicates that the post contains
one or more images.

16 – This icon identifies the post as either new since your
last visit, an old message, or your message. See 14 above.

17 – This is the subject line of a message. Click it
to open the message, or hover your mouse over it to see the beginning
of the message (java-enabled browsers only}.

18 – This is the screen name of the person who posted
the message. If the person posted an e-mail address, you may click
their name to send them an e-mail. Remember, TZ Guidelines do
not allow sending spam or harassing e-mails.

19 – Clicking the magnifying glass icon allows you to
instantly locate all other posts by the same person within that

20 – This is the date and time the post was made.

21 – This shows the number of times a post has been
viewed or read.


The next image is the bottom of a discussion forum. The numbered
features are described below.


22 – See number 9 above.

23 – See number 10 above.

24 – See number 11 above.

25 – See number 12 above.

26 – The archives button takes you to older, archived
messages for the forum you are in.

27 – See number 13 above.

28 – This is where you can set the number of messages
you wish to view per page. After making your selection, click
number 29, the “change” button, to implement
your selection.

30 – This allows you to select your time zone, so that
times displayed on the forum, such as the time a message was posted,
are displayed based on the time where you live. After making your
selection, click the “change” button, number 31,
to implement your selection


B. Composing Messages

If you would like to post a new message in a TimeZone Forum,
use the “Compose message” button (# 13 above). To respond
to a message, click the “Post Reply” button in the gray
bar just below the message. This will take you to a compose message
screen, like the one shown below:


32 – Type your name in this box.

33 – Type your e-mail address in this box, if you want
to display it. If you are a registered user, your
e-mail address will be filled in automatically.

34 – Type the subject line for your message in this

35– Type the body of your message in this box.

36 – If you would like to include a single image with
your post, you may type or paste the image URL in this box. For
more information about including images and using HTML in your
posts, visit the TimeZone guide to using Images
and HTML in Your Posts

37 – If you would like to include a link in your post,
you may type or paste the URL in this box. Links are also covered
in the Images and HTML guide mentioned above.

38 – If you are composing a response to a message and
you would like to go back to the message to which you are responding,
click the Original Message button.

39 – To preview how your message will look when it is posted, click the “Preview”
button. If on the Preview page you see that your message needs
to be edited, click the “Edit message” button and make the
needed changes. If your message is ready to post, click the “Post
message” button. You may also post your message directly
without previewing it by clicking the “Post message” button, # 40