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Part 6: Sightseeing

Ulysse Nardin is located in an idyllic valley, next to La Chaux-de-Fonds

and in the middle of the Jurassic mountains. During our trip, we had

the opportunity to visit parts of the surrounding where Ulysse Nardin’s

watchmakers, technicians, and engineers grew up and live.


To the East of Le Locle, three lakes (picture: Lake Murten), which are connected through canals,

make this part of the country a beautiful place to live and to travel.













Prof. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin (right), master watchmaker with his son and daughter,

posing for a picture with Lou Maddaloni from Long Island.



A view of La Chaux-de-Fonds from Mount Cornu, where Louis Chevrolet,

the founder of the luxurious American car company was born and raised.



To the West of Le Locle, the River Doubs builds a natural border between

Switzerland and France.


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