I am about to embark on a round the world voyage, during which time I will encounter many TZers. Occasional dispatches will be posted on TZ to chronicle my voyage. This series of postings will be entitled, “foie gras Goes Around the World.”

For this series, I need (you guessed it) a logo for the top of each dispatch. I have decided what it is I want for the logo, I just lack the talent and software to accomplish it. I will describe what I want for the logo, and the TZer sending me the “best”** image meeting the requirements below, will be awarded the fine wristwatch pictured above as a prize.

The image is to be sent to me via e-mail at: fg@svidaho.net

If you wish, you may also post it in this thread.

This is what I want:

foie gras (pictured above wearing his SWIS pin) flying a small plane (a biplane?) circling around the world (a globe??)

Contest closes this Sunday 12:00 Noon, Mountain Daylight Time, October 18.

Best regards and thanks!!


p.s. **”the best” prize winning entry to be decided by an independent panel of judges chaired by