Melbourne – Part IV

(Continued Part 3)

by foie gras

Melbourne Watch Lunatics Society

I’m not funny enough to come up with a name like this, which I stole from Marshall Grosby, one of the inmates in the society. Jason started this organization a number of months back, posting an invitation on Timezone. Seated in this photo are, left to right: Matwat, wearing his brand new JLC Master Grand Taille in SS; Ben, wearing a SS Patek Aquanaut; Jas, wearing both a titanium IWC Aquatimer and a Minerva Pythagore Aviation; Marshall Grosby, with his Fortis Pilot; Peter Stells, wearng a white gold Rolex President with blue dial; and Tino, wearing a Breitling chronograph. Not pictured was Ms. Jas, wearing her SS Rolex Sub.

We met in a local deli, periodically taking a bite of our dinner, alternating with talking about watches! Everyone passed their watch around so that the others could fondle it and even put it on their wrists. I found the group extremely amiable and welcoming. I wish I had the opportunity to meet the guys for a longer period, because each had his own story of watch collecting to tell, and we could only scratch the surface during the meeting. But it is always good to leave some things undone on a trip, so there is something to look forward to on the next visit!

As I boarded my Singapore Airlines flight, I surveyed the tarmac for a Thigh Airlines plane, but alas, I was going to have to massage my own tired feet!!

Next Stop: Singapore