Melbourne – Part IV

by foie gras

Australia; the land of friendly people who talk funny. Want a coffee? Will it be a “long black” and or “short white?” Watching all those Paul Hogan commercials was finally going to pay off.

Australia, the land of subtlety.

After landing in Melbourne,

I was met at the airport by Jas, and we proceeded to pick up Ms. Jas and Matwat after I checked into my hotel in St. Kilda, a gentrified, restored beach resort. We decided to eat dinner at a Malaysian restaurant,

where the food was truly enjoyable. We talked about watches and people until we had our fill of both, and I then was returned to my hotel for a much needed rest.

It quickly became apparent that my visit to Melbourne was going to be a major defining visit on my trip. Although my original intention was to chronicle everything that happened, event by event on each city visit, simply too much was going to happen and too many people were going to present themselves during this stay; my write-up would have to be more focused and specific, or this chapter would take too long to read, and be confusing to follow. Therefore, I decided to change the presentation format for this installment to highlight specific people and events, rather than to proceed chronologically. Please do not take offense if you are discussed only briefly; this reflects merely the amount of time I spent with you, not any judgement on my part of your merits!!

Melbourne is a lifestyle city. It is not the place to visit if you want to spend your time in museums, or seeing famous sites. Rather, it is a place to linger, to spend time in a café, eating European cakes in a cake shop, visiting ethnic restaurants, going to the beach, or maybe even buying a watch!! I’m not too fond of museums myself, and found Melbourne to be my kind of city.

My visit coincided with the annual “Melbourne Cup,” a horse race famous in Asia. The day of the race is a public holiday in Melbourne, and Jas was kind enough to take me, along with Helen and Matwat, to a barbecue at a friend’s house where we watched the race and consumed copious quantities of food. All over Melbourne, one finds socialite ladies wearing enormous gaudy hats around the time of the Cup. Jason and I both bet on the horses, however my horses were all destined for the glue factory and Jason merely got his money back from one of his bets.