by foie gras

Shopping in Singapore has been hurt by the “Asian Flu,” with a severe reduction in the number of Asian tourists coming from the harder hit economies. Nonetheless, Feder tells me that prices of luxury goods such as watches have not gone down here.

After shopping, Pete and I proceeded to meet

Shanti, Boon, and Bryan Goh

for dinner at a restaurant specializing in “Royal Thai” cuisine. We discussed a great many people and watches at this most enjoyable meal, which was kindly hosted by Bryan. After dinner, we went to an outdoor market where we saw, among other things, a great variety of fake watches. Many “brands” were represented, however the more convincing fakes were those purporting to be TAGs, Breitlings, and of course, Rolexes. Perhaps the most convincing fake was a copy of a “Breitling Emergency,” which presumably will keep time but might not be of much help if your plane crashes into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Once it became clear to the stall owners that we were probably not going to buy, they were none too subtle in suggesting that we “move on.” Later, we went to a large hotel and had a round of drinks, following which we said our goodbyes for the evening.

The next morning, which was to be my last day in Singapore, I met Peter and went back to Sincere watches to harass Wilson further, with the assistance of Shanti and Boon. Then, Peter and I grabbed a bite of lunch at a cheap Chinese place, and proceeded to visit

Willie Quek

master watchmaker and Technical Service Manager of Heirloom Restoration Services, the watch repair division of Sincere Watch. In this photo we see Feder Haus and Willie examining a vintage Lange chronometer, one of four of this type ever made, which dates back to the time of the Second World War. The chronometer, owned by a Singaporean collector, is being restored by Willie and his staff. Willie gave us a tour of his facilities with which Pete was already familiar, and which are most impressive.

Here we see Willie working on a watch movement and using the watchmaker’s lathe. Willie trained under Franck Mueller, and among other many other marques is qualified to work on Lange watches.

Toward the end of our visit to Willie’s shop, we were joined by SJX.

Here we see SJX demonstrating his

Jaywalking technique.

This photo has been forwarded to the Singaporean authorities who no doubt will be scheduling SJX’s caning session for later in the month.

Finally, Pete, SJX, and I went over to Pete’s flat, where we met

Pete’s lovely wife, Ms. Feder Haus.

Following this, Pete dropped SJX off at his home, and Pete and I went for a quick Indian dinner, took a short ride on the famed Singaporean subway (MRT), browsed a few outdoor markets, and then proceeded to the airport for my flight out.

After a brief stay in the Singapore Airlines Lounge, I boarded my flight, with only my sore feet to remind me of all the mileage I’d covered in my all too brief visit to this lovely island city. I longed for a Thigh Airlines stewardess to massage my poor aching feet, when I glanced out the window and sighted my first genuine Thigh Airlines Plane.

Oh well, you just can’t have everything.

Next Stop: Israel, Jordan, Switzerland, and France.