TimeZone Wrap-Up – 3/1/99

It was indeed another week and Id like to start by thanking all of you who publicly and privately conveyed to me how you thought last weeks wrap-up was the best ever. It was also the first ever and was going to be the last ever until Richard Paige tempted me with one of those WISpins he uses to get people to do what he wants. I figured I’d tell him OK, thinking I would have my pin by now. Problem is, he up and left town without mailing it, so now I’m typing my butt off trying to figure out why I even want one. If this post, at anytime, appears to just stop abruptly, then you know I’ve moved off the pin thing.

The week started out a little slow and my first thought was, at this pace, a wrap-up is going to seem a little too contrived. But to quote an e-friend of mine, “Au contraire, Voltaire”. Actually, I have laughed my A double S off this week. When “Pimp Daddy” jumped Mike Margolis in the Sales Corner over those Rolex watches on Thursday, I knew I had my week in the bag! BTW, this is no place for posts like that![:-))

My recollection of this week starts with Foie Gras calling for a contest, for which, I might add, there were NO prizes. I feel sorry for poor Lizzie; having her brain splashed across the Internet and all. No cruelty issue here though. Foie just had her on a laxative, trying to rid her of that horrible Swiss beef he smuggles watches in. It just happened to cross the blood-brain barrier and show up in the photo. For more info, dial 10-10 Lucky Dog – then the number.

Glen @ InSync asked us for some recommendations on watch features early in the week and I like that. The man is in touch! The last man with a watch magazine, who was in touch, ain’t in touch any more. Careful what you ask this crowd. We will definitely tell you! People have this tendency to ask our opinions then get mad. Go figure.

Speaking of mad, Eugenio posed the “Is TZ a messy place?” question. Yes Eugenio, TZ can be quite messy and, if the scriptures hold forth the truths that we so faithfully believe they do, then Ecclesiasticus 28 shall pale in the face of Solomon 1:8, wherein “no one can utter injustice and not be found out.” I have no idea what any of this means, but you’re the one who brought it up.

On a serious note, William Massena took the time to share with us an opportunity to pay tribute to a Mr. Winthorp “Kelly” Edey, a lifelong watch collector, who passed away the week of 22 February. I am sure his family would be pleased to know that William brought him into our thoughts. Thank you William.

We received an update this week on Stephanies Blancpain 2100 which, after one month, has already been repaired four times! Just kidding Stephanie! Actually, for those of you who haven’t read her excellent full review, you should do so. Now. Go on, we’ll wait. I wish my wife had more of an interest in watches, not an actual desire to buy them, but more of an interest!

Foie wrote a nice letter to Customs this week and I am certain they were pleased to receive it. Seems they accidentally overcharged him duty on another watch. You can imagine how upset they must be! “Oh no. Not him again”. We look forward to hearing the outcome. Keep us posted!

Not a week goes by that a discussion doesn’t ensue about watches on TV or in the movies and this week was no exception. Not a week goes by that Vincent doesn’t ask for pictures. When DON told him he had over 1000 watch images on his computer, Vincent wanted to know what they “entailed”. ENTAILED?! Ill tell you what they entailed! They entailed watches. Watches with straps. Watches with no straps. Oooo, strapless watches. And don’t start that “changing wrists” thing again! And we are glad you don’t want to be Gillian Anderson. And a woman’s wrist is not the first thing most of us notice! OoOoOoOo, I’m freaking out here! :-))

Our dear friend, Time Flies, ascended out of the Zone this week for an indefinite period and left us all a little less whole. Greg is one of those people who reveal a great deal of character in a very small space and I am glad I get to count him among my friends. One could live 100 years and never meet this man, yet know that “integrity” is his middle name. Good luck Greg with whatever it is you’re doing and get back when you can. Your parting comments were most gracious and much appreciated. OCD, by the way, has been flying pretty far under the radar since you left. We will look after him.

There was a brief controversy earlier in the week about posts being removed. I missed the subject matter but I know these posts were about me. I also know that you think I am Vincent. Don’t you? You think I keep my watch in my pants, don’t you? You think I really do know Irene, don’t you? Ill tell you who I do know! I know JACK SH*T! Aarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!

We had a couple of new TZ get-togethers announced this week! Chronopassions Midwest event will consist of dinner and eRIC’s will be held in a topless bar in South Florida. Guess which one I will attend :-))! So eRIC, tell your brother Ross and your other brother Ross that I look forward to attending! Chronopassion, I trust you understand! (Actually I am no where near either one of you so I guess Ill stay home).

Judge Crater attributed the invention of “time” this week to the first guy who had to wait for his wife to leave the bathroom. I think Bill Stonehill has proven that the wife in question was married to a 14th Century Italian mathematician. As my job takes me to Italy a couple of times a year, I can tell you, first hand, that the guy is still waiting!

Dish got himself a beautiful new Nardin this week. Not the Starvin’ Nardin but the 1846 model named for the year that something happened. I just don’t know what. Beautiful watch though. Congratulations. I think we all just love it when someone gets a new watch. It pisses us off, but we DO love it! I trust you saw the Julius Assmann posted this week, or as its known in Brazil, the Glashutte Bunda-matic*. Mario posted a picture of a young lady wearing one on the beach. Both are very nice watches but, given a choice, Id take the one in the middle! *Copyright of Ol’ CrewDog

Walt Odets popped out briefly on the Public Forum this week, saw his shadow, and announced 4 more weeks of bad Watch School! Walt’s got a real Animal House on his hands as evidenced by his Delta Chi name, Professor “Loose Screw“. Rumor has it there will be an outplacement program for the graduates, as many of them expect to start making extra money doing repairs and adjustments. Yeah, go ahead and send them your watches. And stop by your local Barber College for a haircut on your way back from the Post Office!

On a serious note, Walt did announce the TZ Tool Shop this week. Turns out you will be able to have up to 800 tools ranging in price from $.29 for a finger cotlet to a $125,000 Mazak CNC Turning Center (reconditioned). Arrangements are being made now for tennis legend, Billy Jean King, to attend the grand opening, representing Snap-On Tools!

I was amazed at all of the “WTB: watch buckle” adds this week on the Sales Corner. Twenty-four to be exact. This was nine more than last week! What the hell are you people doing with the ones you already had? Is there some other use for a watch buckle that I don’t know about?

Patrick Dugan “nailed” down a little time for us this week in his BB post # 413, and Richard “I’m going to send you a WIS pin” Paige declared it the “WIS Post of the Week”! How nice. Patrick wouldn’t say, but I would guess he’s been promised one of those pins too! Perhaps next week Patrick can do a similar post entitled “Don’t hold your breath”!

We had a very interesting discussion regarding quality control this week over in the IWC Forum. Lot of opinions on this one folks. We talked about return rates, we talked about warranty work, we talked about 6 Sigma, but what we all came away with was a real appreciation for the people who work the customer service desk at GE Appliances. You know their lives must be very stressful when they have a particular customer in Idaho calling EVERY SINGLE DAY complaining about THIS & THAT and making a big deal out of a few teensy-tiny quality problems, only to then see all of these beautiful appliances on national television piled up outside a brand new home, engulfed in flames, and this crazed individual with 50 gallons of gasoline and a sign that says “Hey Jack Welch, I’ve Got Your Light Hanging!”, standing out in the road, with a small dog! You gotta feel for these people. And if that wasn’t bad enough we had a post from A Lo who had a hair in his Flieger. And he told Walt Odets so too! God only knows what Walt told him, but we now know that A Lo has a “hairless flieger”! His words, not mine, although, I suspect that I might like one too!

Believe it or not, we did have some serious contributions this week. A.Crewe reviewed his new Tutima Flieger (don’t even think it!), Bill Stonehill taught us about how re-dialing is done, Paul Delury engaged us in a worthy and informative string about polishing glass crystals, and Richard led us into a discussion about the watch brands we have discovered on Timezone. We also had our normal excellent contributions from guys like Hans Zbinden and Eugenio who just keep on wowing us with one beautiful scan after another and a whole lot of incredible watch knowledge. All very good examples of the things that bring us here in the first place. All the other “goodies” that take place here are just the icing on the cake!

Speaking of icing on the cake, we had another one of those episodes that disappears off the right hand side of your screen, as Joao Campos struggled to tell us how he really felt about where it is we should send our watches for service. For a while we thought it was over, but Joao (how do you pronounce this name? Wahoo?) had someone come to his defense a day or so later and the whole thing started all over again. Michael Friedberg, bless his heart, tried as he might to contain things but Wahoo left mad and swore never to return. Taking him at his word, I now recap this with impunity! So anyway, if that’s not bad enough, we have this RobE guy show up complaining that Wahoo, or Joao, came over to WatchNet and picked a fight with him over there! This gets goood! So RobE comes over to Timezone looking for sympathy from us because Joao has, by now, told him he lives in a barn. Well, after he tells us what he told Joao, we pretty much flamed HIS ass, and he left mad too. The last I heard, they had each other in a headlock over in Amazon.com, threatening to show up at AOL if somebody didn’t do something! These guys are bouncing around the Internet like a couple of drunken sailors and I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt! Id go after them myself but once they read this, Ill have my own problems to deal with.

Late yesterday, Ed, our beloved Webmaster, received an e-mail from Richard in Hawaii, of all the damn places, telling him to post a piece about Richards upcoming birthday, and told Ed to “make it sound like it was your idea”. So good Ol Ed (no relations to good Ol CrewDog) did as he was told, and now we all have to spend the weekend shopping for a birthday present. I was so looking forward to just relaxing this weekend with Irene, my WISpin and those 1000 strapless watch pics!

Yes, you’re right! It was another week.

That’s a wrap, folks!