How And Where To Get
A Custom Watch Built

Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 30, 1998 at 1:28:44:

In Reply to: Need custom watch made posted by Bob Seetin on January 30, 1998 at 1:00:03:

Hi Bob
If you’re planning to have a high-quality watch with mechanical movement built, there are a number of companies in Switzerland that will take care of the entire work for you (including design and marketing if you wish). Minimum order for an 18 K watch will be around 50-100, at least 500 for steel. For smaller amounts you could contact one of the Swiss custom makers like Svend Andersen or Kurt Schaffo, but expect to pay at least 10’000 US-$ for a watch from them.

If you’re thinking about much larger numbers and the product is more a novelty type watch, Hong Kong would be an excellent place to have the work done, many of the manufactures have websites, you can easily find them with a search for “Hong Kong watch” on

The German company CCM Braun also will make one of pieces using their own case designs, a fellow Tzer is currently having a piece made by them and I hope he’ll post his experiences once it’s finished.

Best bet would be to visit the Basel Watch and Jewelry Fair next April where you could speak directly to manufacturers of several countries.

Here’s some contact addresses:
For high quality, mechanical pieces made in Switzerland:

Montres Paul Picot SA
rue de la Coulouvrenière 29
1204 Genève
tel: +41 32 953 15 31
fax: +41 32 953 10 45

Roventa-Henex SA
rue du Crêt 16
case postale 2501 Bienne
2503 Biel/Bienne
tel: +41 32 366 53 53
fax: +41 32 366 53 54

For mass produced Swiss watches:
Mondaine Watch Ltd
Lessingstrasse 5
Postfach 8059 Zürich
8002 Zuerich
tel: +41 1 202 66 50
fax: +41 1 201 08 16