Entry Level Inhouse Movements

Hello Forumners

Undeniably, in-house movements are held in high esteem by many Timezoners and newcomers to this site may become a bit worried when they find out that their latest acquisition is fitted with third party one. Although I agree that in-house can add to the desirability of a watch, I personally never put much emphasis on them and at the moment only own one with a movement made by the company printed on the dial. Tooling up to become a movement manufacturer is costly and rarely estimated by the general public so most in-house powered watches are in the mid to high price range.

But reasonably priced watches fit with an in-house movement can be found. Below find a selection with prices in the area of up to 2,000 USD (based on European list prices) for the steel versions.

hen I originally posted this on the Public Forum, a few people asked why I had omitted the non-European brands. First of all, most mechanical watches from Japan and Russia are in a completely different price range, it’s easy to find one fitting any budget. The higher priced Credor line by Seiko would certainly merit an entry but I have no price information on them and they’re hardly available outside of Japan.



Zenith Elite, automatic caliber Zenith Elite, approx. 1,600 USD
Girard Perregaux Classique, automatic caliber GP 3000, approx. 1,600 USD
Rolex Airking, automatic caliber Rolex 3000, approx. 1,800 USD.
Union Glashutte Tradition, automatic caliber Union 26-11, approx. 1,100 USD on a leather strap.
JLC Master Grande Taille, automatic caliber JLC 889/2, approx. 2,300 USD.
Minerva Pythagore, handwind Minerva caliber 48. List price has increased recently, I guess they’re now in the 1,600 USD range.
Revue Thommen Cricket, handwind Revue Thommen caliber RT-80 with alarm, approx. 1,200 USD on a leather strap.
Glashutte Original SenatorKlassik, automatic Glashutte Original caliber 39-10, approx. 1,800 USD in steel, pictured version is 18 K gold.