Industry News – Basel 2003’s First Casualty

Fortis Watch is the first watch company to officially pull out of Basel as a result of the show’s new exhibition concept (see Industry News Forum for more information).

According to the company, Fortis has had a booth in Hall 1.0 for many decades, and this year the booth was moved to Hall 1.1. Because of this proposed move, Fortis has declined to attend Basel this year.

In a prepared statement, Fortis called the criteria for placements at Basel a “farce” and suggested that “arbitrariness, strategic alliances as well as influences are the only criteria for the decision making of the placements for the booths in 2003.”

Instead of having a presence in Basel, Fortis has invited journalists and buyers to their company headquarters in Grenchen (Grenchen Nord station), a 50 minute train ride from Basel.