Industry News – Rolex Opens Tokyo Watch Technicum

Rolex (Japan) aiming to train new watchmakers, will open on April 14 in Tokyo, a watch training school. This new school is in partnership with WOSTEP, a training school of watchmakers in Neuchatel, Switzerland sponsored by Swiss watch manufacturers and related groups.

Students who achieved the WOSTEP 3,000-hour program and passes the final examination will receive a diploma as certified watchmakers by WOSTEP. Any high school graduate who speaks, reads and writes Japanese can apply for the entrance examination. 12 students will be accepted per year.

Rolex has already opened the same school in Lititz in the United States, and the Tokyo Watch Technicum is their second school created to train watchmakers in Rolex movements.

WOSTEP has a partnership with 16 schools in 8 countries at present.