New Models – Bovet “Kaga Makie” Lacquerware

Bovet, started in 1822, is the 7th oldest brand in Switzerland. They produce watches with European traditional artistic decoration – miniature or cloisonné enamel dials. They have now created these two models for the Japanese market.

“Makie” is a Japanese traditional lacquer ware craft technique of decoration. After having drawn decorative patterns in lacquer on the surface of furniture or vessels, gold or silver powder and colored powder is sprinkled-on and afixed. This delicate technique requires very highly skilled master artisans.

Lacquer ware craft was developed in Kanazawa, a city in Ishikawa Prefecture, during the Edo period when Kanazawa used to be the castle town of the Lord of Kaga, as the Kaga clan promoted culture, arts and crafts under the Edo shogunate.

The dials of these new Bovets feature a reproduction of “Raijin” (the god of thunder)

and “Fujin” (the god of the wind)

These dial reproductions are based on an original painted on a folding screen by Tawaraya Sotatsu, a master painter of the Edo period.

The case size is 39mm, and are available in 18kt rose gold or white gold. Movement is an automatic and the crown is set with a sapphire cabochon.

It has a sapphire crystal, top & bottom, and is water resistant to 50 meters.

MSRP is $31,550 for “Raijin” and $33,500 for “Fujin”.