Industry News – Patek Philippe’s New Case & Bracelet Workshop

Patek has recently moved its case and bracelet workshops to a building in Perly, near Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva. This building, which was acquired by Patek Philippe in 2001 and completely renovated in 2002, is located a few kilometers away from the company headquarters.

This building offers 5,000 sq. meters of office space and workshops on three levels, including a lower ground floor with light wells to bring in natural light, a ground floor and a first floor. An additional 12,000 sq. meters of underground space is used for the parking, storage and technical facilities. The building also includes a restaurant to cater to the 180 employees who have moved in at the beginning of 2003. Among the employees are jewelers, chain smiths, gem setters, and case-makers.

By moving its case and bracelet workshops to Perly, the last independent and family-owned watch manufacturer in Geneva continues to invest in the future, in order to best respond to world market demand for timepieces of unrivalled quality.


Source: Federation Horlogere Suisse