New Model Press Release – DaVinci Rattrapante

First off, let me state my personal thanks and those of all Timezoners to Messrs. Kern and Friedberg who so graciously allowed us access to these images and text well before the show launch.

Da Vinci Rattrapante

More substance than image

The legendary Da Vinci chronograph wristwatches with their split-second mechanism and perpetual calendar now come in a quite discreet, yet refined guise: the platinum range, limited to 500 examples, is also available with a silvered dial.

There are those who love luxury and like to show it, and others who prefer not to make quite such an open display. The Da Vinci Rattrapante in platinum is suitable for both types. Someone who wishes to attract attention can choose the familiar variant with its blue dial and fine blue crocodile leather strap – and someone who prefers to wear the fur on the inside can opt for this year’s new product, the platinum Da Vinci with a silvered dial and a black crocodile leather strap. The perpetual calendar is programmed for the next 500 years. And this is precisely the number of examples in which this exceptional chronograph wristwatch in its platinum case will be made.

Otherwise the “big” Da Vinci remains what it always was: a blend of horological delights.

The ingredients: mechanical chronograph movement, four-digit year indicator, split-second mechanism (Rattrapante), automatic winding, perpetual calendar with perpetual moon phase display and the feeling of wearing something quite exceptional on your wrist.