TimeZone Chicago, Illinios Gathering – June 2003

June 10, 2003

Ed was in Chicago and gracious enough to spare time from his medical business and his family to have dinner with a small group of Chicago WIS’s.

We wanted to give Ed a flavor of Chicago, so dinner was at Harry Caray’s restaurant. Caray was the legendary announcer for the beloved Chicago Cubs – for those of you in the rest of the country and world, that would be the FIRST PLACE Chicago Cubs!!!. The restaurant is of course filled with all kinds of baseball memorabilia, and is as legendary a Chicago institution as exists.

Someone in the group thought Ed was from California (I guess Little Rock is a suburb), so he was asked to order the wine. Ed ordered a bottle, but in short order the waiter returned to tell us they only had one bottle of it, and it had already been opened and one glass poured. It seemed strange that there had been a premature uncorking, as certainly no one in a Cubbies place knows very much about cork. But we drank the rest of the bottle anyway. And another.

Perhaps that explains why the pictures I took were so bad. It couldn’t be that I only ever take pictures of watches in a light-box with a tripod, could it? Or that the place was dark, bustly, and full of moving targets? I suppose it could have been the wine. I apologize for the terrible photos. But here are David Greenspan, Rob Segal, Dick Liebson, and Ed Loebl along with the watches they were each wearing.

Dinner was great – Ceasar salads and Veal Chops Vesuvio all around. If you’ve never had anything prepared Vesuvio style, it is a Chicago specialty for almost any meat, fowl, or fish. Beautifully roasted Veal Chop in a garlicky au jus served with potato wedges and peas. Just terrific!

After dinner the watches came out. Ed and David got heavy into business, negotiating a trade right there amongst the spilled garlic, coffee, etc. The pictures tell the story.

I don’t know what went on over there, but Ed left with the bag that David had carried in!

I wanted to get one shot of Ed for posterity. Unfortunately, I only took one, rather than adding a “safety shot”. So blurry though it be, here is Ed with the famous bust of Harry Caray. Ed’s the one on the right. No, I mean the other right. Guess that tells you why the picture is blurry!

So, as Aurelio would say, “Peace, love, and one more Veal Chop!”