New Model – Harry Winston Opus 3 by Vianny Halter

Esoteric master watchmaker Vianny Halter has designed a very unique looking piece for the House of Harry Winston.

The Opus 3 features an old style “digital” display, and the masterpiece movement can be seen in the back.

The case measures 36mm X 52.5mm X 13.7mm and is available in platinum (25 pieces) or rose gold (25 pieces). The in-house Vianny Halter movement has 53 jewels and measures 28.8mm X 29.6mm and has a power reserve of 40 hours. The movement has a double train and double barrel mechanism.

Your read the time, top to bottom, with the middle in red figures being the date, and the upper exterior being the hour and minutes (blue), and the bottom exterior digits being the minutes (black)