Industry News – Stolen Patek Sky Moon Reappears

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A Patek Philippe Sky Moon stolen from the Museum of Horology of Geneva on
November 24 of 2002, has reappared in Genoa, Italy.

In August of this year, the watch was pawned in Turin as a guarantee against a
25,000 Euro loan. Two days later, it disappeared from that location and ended up
in Genoa, at another pawnshop this time with a 20,000 Euro loan to it.

Implicated in its theft were two Turinese, Giovanni Candeloro a 38 year old
jeweller, and Massimiliano Salerno a 34 year old known to the police as a common

The two men were arrested and charged with movement of stolen goods. As for the
Sky Moon, the watch has mysteriously vanished again, probably sold to an eager
collector, according to the Italian police.