Industry News – Extended Warranties for Watches

Warrantech Corporation, an independent provider of service contracts and after-market warranties, has launched a comprehensive buyer protection plan for upscale jewelry and watch purchases. This program is designed to boost retailer sales, profits and customer loyalty.

Warrantech will brand this offering “Elite Watch Care Plan”. The watch plan offers service terms of up to five years and covers most components of the timepieces.

Additionally, the watch plan provides a replacement program on lower-end watches. The extended plans will be purchased separately from the watch, much like the ones you can buy at specialty retailers for TV’s, Stereos, VCR’s, et. al.

According to Burt Shaw, president of Warrantech’s consumer products division, the new offering is “another way that retailers can ensure the best customer experience possible in a highly competitive environment.”

Warrantech initially will target large national jewelry retailers, as well as small-to medium-size regional chains, which will be served primarily through direct sales.