Industry News – Frédérique Constant Takes a Stand Against Counterfeiting

According to the Swiss Watch Confederation, piracy and counterfeiting costs the industry hundreds of millions of Swiss Francs per year and thousands of jobs.

It is estimated that up to one hundred thousand job losses a year in the European Union are a direct result of counterfeiting.

To this effect, Frédérique Constant is the first watch manufacturer to implement a new technique against counterfeiting. New FC watches will have invisible marks that only show up under Ultra Fluorescent light.

The Limited Edition number is printed invisibly on the dial of the platinum Heart Beat Day-Date and Heart Beat Retrograde. Silver dials on genuine Frédérique Constant watches will show the limited edition number (the Arabic index) at 10 O’Clock.

On genuine Frédérique Constant watches with black dials, the numbers will show before and after the words “Swiss Made”.