Timezone Launches “Job Listings”

TZ Blogs July 18, 2012 Timezone Feature

TimeZone is committed to our community. Job Listings are an effort to support job creation. This new section can be found in the drop-down menu bar under “Community”. Here you will find open job positions within the watch industry. Feel free to search Job Listings for your desired position.

Every year, TimeZone is read by millions who represent a broad range of professional experience and trade skills. Whether the position is in the field of watchmaking, sales, construction, engineering, IT, operations, finance or management, we invite the watch industry to submit all employment opportunities on this board.

Job Listings are a free service. Only one job description per job listing. Please note that TimeZone reserves the right to accept or reject submissions. To post a job listing on TimeZone, please submit the job description to: jorge@timezone.com.

Timezone Feature