Hi All,

Edouard Mignon is the director in charge of Cartier’s watchmaking innovations, and a passionate watch guy.

During last month’s ID Two event, he was wearing this rare Collection Privée Santos Dumont in platinum…

Check out how thin it is! It’s fitted with the Cartier caliber 21, based on the F. Piguet caliber 21P measuring just 1.73 mm thick….

Edouard explained how difficult this watch was for Cartier to manufacture due to the extreme thinness and the challenges of working with platinum. The caseback is fitted with a platinum frame to secure the movement, and each arm of the frame was hand soldered. For every one case completed, one was discarded due to damage. As a result, according to Eouard, Cartier lost money on every one of these watches they sold.

Although a bit small for today’s tastes – its dimensions are identical to the original design from the early 1900s – I think it’s fantastic.



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