The Star Wars watches were released today, I got a phone call about half an hour after the shop opened and headed in after lunch. Maybe the first “live” photos of one on the web.

What’s this? A nondescript looking black box.

It’s got another box inside.

And yet another…

Which one is it?

This is the watch I’m looking for.

The Brightz range is in the upper reaches of Seiko’s family of ranges, the katakana below the Brightz logo says mechanical and it’s made in the country – indicative of its position in the Seiko model range.

The case work on Brightz watches is rather good and it’s got a satisfyingly solid feel to it.

The undercover stormtrooper.


Full, it’s got a nice winding feel and winds (manually) fairly quickly. The hands have Super Luminova and the circumferential dips between the hour markers are also Luminova painted.

Its escort on the way home from the store.

Timezone Feature