Presented in order of production date, (as far as I can ascertain for the later watches).

1974 Seiko 5 Actus, cal. 7019.

1976 Seiko 5, cal. 6309 TV-dial.

1984 Seiko 5, cal. 7009A.

Late-1990s Seiko 5, cal. 7S26.

Late-1990s Seiko 5, cal. 7S26.

Early-2000s Seiko 5, cal. 7S26. (Ref: SNX121K. Unofficially referred to as the “Explorer” when it came out).

Mid-2000s Seiko 5, cal 7S26.

Late-2000s Seiko 5, cal 7S26 (Ref: SNKD97K1 aka: the Poor Man’s Grand Seiko).

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