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That was the headline which Omega used, over 40 years ago, when they launched the Constellation Megaquartz 2.4. At that time it was guaranteed to one second a month, see the contemporary brochure below:

Knowing how, nowadays, quartz is regarded as ‘disposable’ technology; it is good to know that my watch is still running well within specification, at 0.04 seconds a day.

It achieves this amazing accuracy by vibrating the crystal at 2.4 MILLION vibrations each second; whilst a conventional quartz runs at 32,000 v/second.

Some of these watches were sent to the Bresancon Observatory in France and were certified as Marine Chronometers, the only wristwatches ever to achieve this certification. There has been some discussion that the movements sent off for to Bresancon were finely tuned in order to perform within the tight parameters. However, recent investigations have shown that the movements in the MC and ‘regular’ watches are absolutely identical.

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