New Roses for the collection: Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph Series II

I admit it openly. Although I can appreciate the understatement of white metal watches, it is rose gold for me. And 2013 brought with it a couple of nice new rose gold pieces.

The first was a project that spanned over three years. A few Nor Cal friends and I got together on a group order of very special chronographs from Kari Voutilainen. This was the ultimate independent watchmaking experience. There were long discussions with Kari on just what the watches would be. Kari had developed the basics of his own chronograph movement which in our discussions had added to it large date and moon phase displays. But that was just the beginning. Each watch was to be unique. Lots of individual discussions to define the dial colors, case material, dial index details. Of course mine was to have a rose gold case. From start of discussions to delivery of watches took three years, with many discussions and visits to the workshop to work out the fine details.

Was the Kari Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph worth the wait?

The back is equally magnificent

If you examine the finishing closely you can see that it is magnificent. The anglage is immaculate (look closely at all the interior angles to see how perfectly they have been done; only painstaking handwork with a file and wood can arrive at this result. Also look at the anglage on the large wheels. Kari makes those himself, by hand.
As for its functionality? Perfect. It is the finest operating chronograph that I own.

Rose watch number 2 for 2013 is equally stunning.

This is La Tradition Tourbillon from Breguet. You can see the fusee and chain constant force mechanism as well as the immense balance wheel and cage. The feel of the watch is that of a classic pocket watch. As for the finishing…perfect. The interior angles are all perfectly hand done (examine, for example, the tourbillon bridge. The mirror polish on many of the components is likewise immaculate. Only careful hand work can get there.

All in all a nice year for rose.


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