The largest hourglass at Nima Sand Museum in Japan

This past weekend, my wife and I had the first “us time” in 10 years more or less since our sons were born.

As such we went to western Japan, Shimane prefecture. My wife and sons had been going to a special inn/hamlet for years, but this was my first time. But in addition to that wonderful stay, which I will post in the L&E forum later, my wife thought I would be interested in visiting here:

 photo DSC02300_zpsddbb93c0.jpg

In case your Japanese is rusty, it says this is the largest “one-year” hourglass in the world.

From a distance, it is housed in one of these buildings:

 photo DSC02301_zps9442045b.jpg

Actually, the main one:

 photo DSC02346_zps42a14a63.jpg

Kind of neat. As we walk closer, we get a hint of what is inside

 photo DSC02347_zpsa0bc31f3.jpg

Knowing that the suspense is killing you, here you go:

 photo DSC02305_zpsde6f0f6a.jpg

Here are the specifics:

 photo DSC02336_zpsf6f3b89e.jpg

It says that the clock is 5.2 meters high, 1 meter around, and uses a ton of sand. There is also mention of a special kind of sand being used.

The sign on the side explains the math involved, at least I think so.

 photo DSC02309_zps313fa7d5.jpg

In fact there is not just math, but also science involved. Guess regular sand wasn’t good enough and they needed special stuff:

 photo DSC02315_zpsfadee141.jpg

And this panel explains what went into making the glass of the hourglass

 photo DSC02316_zps4a04de05.jpg

They even shared some of the history of hourglasses:

 photo DSC02307_zpsd6a46d9e.jpg

 photo DSC02308_zps3b267bea.jpg

There were also some other “hourglasses”:

A one-day:

 photo DSC02314_zps213bc552.jpg

And a ten-day:

 photo DSC02313_zps7724e7f9.jpg
Back to the one-year “hourglass,” to put the size into perspective, here it is with my 5’2″ wife:

 photo DSC02334_zps4d05aab4.jpg

And that’s about it. Being a WIS, it was quite interesting and I sincerely appreciated my wife for putting up with me. She more or less just sat in the corner waiting for me.

In the end, would I recommend a visit? Hard to say, it really is in the middle of nowhere. Getting there would NOT be easy and then there is the language barrier – nothing was in English. But, if you have a thing for hourglasses, this is really quite neat.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great week,


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