A Simple Lightbox Message 36353. Here’s Mine Posted By Keith Downing ( Date 2/10/2003 1:44:44 AM I went to The Home Depot and bought a cheap 2’x4′ fluorescent light diffuser, the type that goes in the suspended acoustical ceiling light fixtures. I think it was under $5. I bought... Read more
A Simple Lightbox Posted By OneSound Date 1/18/2003 8:40:17 PM Not much a secret really. I’ve been receiving emails asking for my “secret,” so here it is.. a very expensive high-tech setup. You’ll need to sell your Patek to afford this setup. A fake Patek. 1) Plastic container easily... Read more
A Simple Lightbox Posted By watchbible 1/11/2003 5:06:04 PM I posted this on the PP three weeks ago. Here are few samples: *Content and photos used with permission from the Authors* Read more
A Simple Lightbox Message 1171. Adding versatility to your lightbox. Posted By Michael Camp ( Date 2/21/2003 8:39:36PM I started with a simple frosted plastic storage box ($9.95 at Staples) and taped sheets of heavy artists vellum on 3 sides, both inside & out. This diffuses the lighting from both sides... Read more
A Little Exercise In Reflections Posted By Tom S Date: 12/30/2002 7:14:32AM I posted this on the PF as a gag, but it might be more interesting here as an example of creating reflections where they didn’t exist in the original shot. It might seem at first that it’s... Read more
A Simple Lightbox Message 36376. I have just been using architect’s vellum, about $10 for a pad of 50 large pieces… Posted By SteveG ( Date 2/10/2003 2:51:28 AM It’s stiff enough to pretty much support itself, if creased. Here is my arrangement, without the diffusion, and then with:... Read more
Sam’s Easy Guide To Photo Tweaking #1 Posted by OneSound on November 30, 2001 at 22:54:16: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1863Posted from Host: ( Here is a very simple and effective way I like to use to tweak my scans. This is the original picture we’re going to use.... Read more
Hamilton Space Flight – Producing a Composite Watch Image Posted by Paul Delury on January 07, 2002 at 21:07:21: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1886 Posted from Host: ( G’day TZners, I enjoy the futuristic look of many of Hamilton’s “eccentric” designs of the late 50’s to 60’s, and had... Read more
By Jalle S. It all started with the picture to the right. I have, for a long time, been intrigued by pictures where the subject sort of comes out from a black background. This Omega Dynamic with its black dial and a Hirsch black and white Joker strap seemed... Read more
Photoshopping the Speedbird R.R. Jackson HOME I have a simple photo setup with a 4 foot 4 bulb flourescent light in the basement ceiling and a box on the table to raise the work area. A curved white construction paper and tracing paper on the sides completes the “lab”.... Read more
Watch Photo Lightbox by R. R. Jackson HOME I’ve been told that the most important part of photography is Light. Well here’s a simple lightbox, it took only 15 minutes of scrounging around to find all the pieces. Here’s the parts/equipment list: – Tripods (2) – One for the... Read more
INCLUDING IMAGES AND USING HTML IN TIMEZONE POSTSby Michael Sandler and Mike DisherCreating a Digital Image Most images you see on TimeZone were created with a digital camera, and digital cameras are the best way to create a lifelike image. Some people also place watches on a scanner to... Read more
Basic Accessories For Watch Photography Posted by Reto Castellazzi on January 19, 2002 at 23:04:49: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1900 Posted from Host: ( Dear all A high resolution digital camera will also reveal the tiniest dust particles on your watch glass or background. Thus I was lucky to... Read more
A QUICK TOUR OF MY MAVICA MINI-STUDIO By Mike Disher These are scans of the “mini-photo studio” where I shoot the Mavica scans I post on TZ, including those used in my reviews.   The scan above shows a view of the work area, with all available lights. I... Read more
1966 Omega Constellation“Pie-Pan” Povray Image I Made… Posted by Patrick Dugan on July 05, 2001 at 19:48:01: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1725 Posted from Host: ( 1966 18ct Omega Constellation “Pie-Pan” This is a new image I just completed using Povray. The image is a bit small but by... Read more
I’ve been looking for way to extend the macro capability of my digital camera for a while. I had tried other methods, including shooting through photographic loupes, and magnifiers, but the quality I got wasn’t great, and it was difficult to control. Recently I remembered that photographic enlarging lenses... Read more
  The Making of a Virtual TZ Minerva by Harold Clitheroe December, 2000     You may have seen a few of my computer renderings of watches lately in the TZ public forum. Shortly after posting them I was asked by Richard Paige to produce a computer image of... Read more
  WATCH DIALS UP CLOSE By Mike Disher   The following are scans of several watch dials taken with a Mavica FD-73, through an LW Scientific 15x – 45x stereo microscope. I am studying the quality of the stencil work, focusing on crispness and evenness of borders, evenness of... Read more
Lighting Watch Photos…Finally Something Works! (More) Posted by MJ on May 09, 1998 at 20:37:20: I few days ago I got a Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 digital camera, with two unusual features: built-in floppy for recording images, and focusing to as close as 1 cm from the lens. Since the... Read more
White Balancing and watch photography Posted by Paul Delury on January 07, 2002 at 21:07:21: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1886 Posted from Host: ( Light can have different colour temperatures, although the human eye/mind combination effectively compensates for the colour differences and we don’t “see” them (although when you... Read more
Illustrated: How To Post Documents Containing HTML Posted by Chuck Maddox on February 19, 2000 at 06:47:19: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1126 Posted from Host: ts023d40.chi-il.concentric.net ( Yesterday for Scan-Day I posted a picture of a couple of my Omega Chronographs in the Omega Forum. Shortly thereafter a reply... Read more
How To Post Multiple Images On TZ…(more) Posted by Paul Delury on January 07, 2000 at 22:51:10: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1050 Posted from Host: proxy-ext2.omen.net.au ( G’day TZners, The question of how to include multiple images in a TZ posting comes up regularly. So, here are some pointers... Read more
The Thrifty Beginner’s Guide to Webpublishing Posted by Hans Zbinden on January 16, 1999 at 09:35:11: Bulletin Board Post Number: 276 Posted from Host: ( Hello Timezoners Many incredibly informative text-only articles have been written for the Timezone forums over the years and they’re always welcomed and enjoyed. But... Read more
A Reliable Free Image Host And How to Post Images Posted by Reto Castellazzi on February 10, 2002 at 23:29:40: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1915 Posted from Host: ( Opening note: please ignore all br tags you will see, those come from the HTML xmp (Excempt) tag, that allows... Read more
Using Free Photo Hosting Services Together With TZ. Posted by Frank N. on November 23, 2001 at 01:40:54: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1856 Posted from Host: ( When people new to posting photographs try out their craft on one of the TZ fora, there is one trap that they... Read more
Setting Up Your Own Website In Three Easy Steps Posted by Hans Zbinden on August 04, 2001 at 10:30:36: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1758 Posted from Host: ( Hello Forumners In light of the recent shutdown of various picture hosting sites and the new restrictions in regard to direct... Read more
The Importance of Aperture Priority Mode For Macro Photos Posted by Reto Castellazzi on January 19, 2002 at 23:14:18: TZ Classics Forum Number: 1901 Posted from Host: ( Dear all Yesterday I posted that Pierre Balmain Chrono with the dial only being partly in focus. Today I did not... Read more