Introducing the F.P. Journe Chronographe Monopoussoir Rattrapante
F.P. Journe at the Los Angeles Boutique
F.P. Journe news – the Patrimoine service
A little sun on a rainy day.  Return of two F.P. Journe from service: Tourbillon and Resonance
A Tale of Three Watches – “Metamorphosis” & F.P. Journe Octa by FELIPE JORDÃO
Comparison of three generations of F.P. Journe Resonance movements by DOO
XMAS arrived early – an FP Journe T30 surprise FP Journe recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first watch he created – a tourbillion pocket watch completed in 1983. To commemorate the occasion he produced the FP Journe T30, an almost perfect replica transformed into a wristwatch. The... Read more
I don’t know much about the 2011 erotic romance novel but I do know that the Ruthenium Resonance has at least 50 gorgeous shades of grey. Here I share a few. After many rainy days in Hong Kong I finally have a clear day to take some new photos.... Read more
Last year at the Indy 500, I first saw the all black ARS on François-Paul Journe’s wrist. For two months, anticipation built until the excitement really began. The presentation box looks ultra cool also designed in black aluminium. Inside is the new Octa Sport in Aluminium (model ARS). This... Read more
Montres Journe SA concluded their week long annual fair where collectors, dealers and the press were invited to discover the new Quantieme Perpetual with instantaneous jump. I was excited to see the watch in person and was really impressed. The Quantieme Perpetuel replaces the Octa Calendrier and will be... Read more
On my recent trip to Geneva I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Chronometre Optimum – a remarkable chronometer that represents the culmination of a concept Francois-Paul Journe came up with over ten years ago. The design incorporates many of the distinctive features of FP Journe... Read more
On my recent trip to Geneva I had the opportunity to visit Les Cadraniers de Genève – the place where all the FP Journe dials are manufactured. I had no idea the complexity required to produce a dial and was completely blown away and impressed. I arrived early to... Read more
On my recent trip to Geneva I visited Les Cadraniers – where all FP Journe dials are manufactured. I had no idea the complexity required to produce a dial. I was completely blown away and impressed. Here are two photos to share. My full write up soon! Read more
The Centrigraph and Centrigraphe Sport (CTS) remind me of fraternal twins. They share much of the same DNA but have very different look and feel. I really like the different scales used on each 20 second sub-dial. The CTS is simplified and playful while the Centigraphe is more technical... Read more
The Repetition Souveraine, reference RM, is one of the most impressive and sophisticated FP Journe watches manufactured. The watch is as beautiful to look at as it is captivating to hear. The design is understated, elegant, ultra thin, incredibly light and super comfortable to wear on the wrist. In... Read more
40mm Black Label CS + 38mm Automatique + 40mm RG CS The CS dial was completed redesigned to make room for the date on the dial of the Octa Automatique. The second hand subdial was moved to the far right almost reaching the end of the dial. The 5... Read more
The ruthenium dial is one of the most magical in the collection. Depending on the angle of light the ruthenium dial transforms as quickly as a chameleon. Every feature comes to life. Notice the blue steel power reserve indicator and hands, the rotating remontoir and details inside the sub-dial.... Read more
The early Resonances have such a rustic look to them. I really enjoy the small font used for the power reserve indicator and the fat ink dots around the tourbillion chapter ring. Everytime I look at this watch I feel like Mr. Journe just finished making some adjustments to... Read more
Every detail of the Resonance oozes beauty! The titanium combination is my favorite. I love the rose gold accents, the stark white subdials with guilloche center, and the polished titanium case. Looking closer at the dial I love the titanium chapter rings, the flat head rose gold screws and... Read more
Movements are the heart and soul of a Journe watch. I can stare at them for hours. Here are an Octa, CS, and Resonance: And a CT, Repetition Minutes, and Tourbillon Titanium: Read more
We are only a few months away from the launch of the much anticipated Chronometre Optimum. The watch is expected to be FP Journes’s most accurate timepiece to date – bringing together all his years of experience and knowledge. If you thought the CS was a precision chronometer then... Read more
Some favorite chronographs: Patek 5070G, Patek 5960P, FPJ Centrigraphe, Lange Datograph, Patek 5070J Read more